Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The Online Card Class "Watercolor for Card Makers" was an excellent class - as are all the other classes offered online here. Be sure and check them out!!

The technique I used on these cards was part of a lesson on "Faux Hand-Painting" where you ink a stamp with a light color of Distress Ink, then "paint" the image with watercolor paints. (I used Distress Inks). I practiced the technique a few times with the same stamped image and felt comfortable enough to use each image on a card. I'm finding that I still need more practice to get used to the amount of ink and water, as well as drying times!! I'm not a very patient person, so I try to speed things up a bit by using a heat gun. Anyhoo....here's the cards I made using this technique in the order that I did them:

This card was my first attempt. I was pleased with the colors used, but I wasn't as pleased with the flower. The petals looked more like a bunch of blobs. Still, I felt it was worthy enough to make into a card! ;-)

This second card is actually my favorite. I used a different stamp for the flower and I liked the results better. This is one where I dried it with a heat gun in between each step. I actually like the "feathery" look of the flower petals!

I chose to make the flower a little more purplish for my third attempt. It turned out okay, but I didn't allow the petals to dry completely before painting the neighboring petal, so my watercolor "bled" onto the other petals (see the top right corner). Still, I thought it was salvageable!!

For attempt #4, I decided to use more purples and blues for the flower. The color combination is really pretty, but I wished I had made the center of the petals a little bit darker.  It's still a pretty "painting"! (My son actually picked this one as his favorite.)

I am absolutely loving using these watercolor techniques and plan on doing a whole lot more practicing.....actually playing!!!

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Thanks for showing all your attempts ... and yes! they are all worthy of being on cards. I also was drawn to the 2nd as my favourite.

  2. Wow, wow and wow again! I think you have rocked it with the purples...of course, you know that's almost my favorite color, so that might have tiny bit of influence for me!! Either way, I think you did a fabulous job, and know are a watercolor artist! Fabulous class, I loved this one so much!!

  3. I love this. Where did you purchase the flower stamps?

    1. Sherry, unfortunately this stamp is discontinued. I'm so sorry. It is Hero Arts #CG194 "Stencil Flower". Ebay might be a place to watch for it.